Eduardo Crespo, Matias Vernengo and Franklin Serrano at the Final Plenary Session of Eshet-Argentina

Organized for Eshet, Cefid-Ar and General Sarmiento National University,  friday 23 november finished  the conference: Core and Periphery Countries: Lessons From Economic History and the History of Economic Thought with more than 70 papers and participants. 

The conferencists have debated and expounded diverse topics about in relationship with diverse issues as development, growth, distribution of income, and real cases from history of Latin American and developed countries.

In the final plenary session, the professors Eduardo Crespo, from Univ. of Rio de Janeiro; Matías Vernengo from Univ. of Utah;  talked about the theorical and empirical inconsistences of the «new developmentalism» approach. However, many scholars in the region have  this  economic view, like Professor Bresser Pereira and Professor Frenkel- who based their economic policy mainly in exchange rate devaluation plus a fiscal adjustement as a proper development policy to our countries.

Franklin Serrano from Univ. of Rio de Janeiro in a similar view of Crespo and Vernengo, talked about the Changes in the  international order and the current South American Economic Situation in relationship to the entrance of China to the global market scenario and its cost effect, the proceses of nationalism of resources in developing countries and improvement of real wages in our region.


Professor Eduardo Crespo 

Professor Matías Vernengo 

Professor Franklin Serrano 

Changes in the  international order and the current South American Economic Situation

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